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    Tan Shu Khan

    Career Consultant

Recalling his university days when engaging with people, he was fascinated with the unique talents and different personalities of every individual.

This interest has never waned and made him eager to learn more about people from all walks of life. This is one of the main reasons Shu Khan decided to switch his career from Engineering to Recruitment.

He wants to use this interest in people to connect, thus giving him a rounded perspective of people in society and their workplace.

He puts himself in the position of the job seekers and clients to find ways to help them find middle ground to a specific job opportunity with the best match possible.

After one year as an Engineer in the oil palm mill, Shu Khan believes matching the right person to the right job is both rewarding and valuable for the job seeker and employer alike, which often many tend to overlook.

In his free time, he is a Podcast channel host-seeking out interesting and inconspicuous people to share their passions. He is excited to provide them with a platform to promote themselves and engage with the listeners.

Most weekends he explores new places to fulfill his appetite for exquisite food and offerings at trendy cafes.