Recruitment consultancy has become a career of choice for both new graduates and experienced people looking to transfer into a dynamic, consultative, engaging, highly sociable and rewarding career. As career coaches and recruitment consultants, we have a purpose in mind, to connect the right talents to the right job.

We thought it would be helpful to include some facts about the job of a recruitment consultant for people like you who could be potentially considering a change of career as an Executive Search or Recruitment Consultant. We want to hear from you, please send us your resume. Come and see us for a chat.

Helping people to find a better career opportunity or an alternative employment is very rewarding because you are positively impacting the life of people you meet!

You will work on very interesting assignments with some of the most reputable companies across various industries to help them source the best talent who will drive their business forward. At the same time, you will positively influence the lives of people you meet for a better prospective career.

No matter what discipline you have studied at university or your employment background, your career as a Recruitment Consultant is only limited by your own drive and aspirations.

You will be a key driving force behind successful relationships between clients and candidates. This means active business development, careful candidate care and people management to active job vacancy fulfillment.

The job of a Recruitment Consultant is a business-to-business sales role, performed in a highly professional and consultative environment. You are expected to win new business from companies, identify their staffing requirements, fill the jobs and then manage the relationship with the clients. This includes having a clear understanding of your clients business and work culture to successfully interpreting their unique manpower requirements.

Some jobs are harder to fill than others, depending on how much demand there is for those particular skills. You may already have the right candidates on your database, you may need to headhunt them from their current employment, or you may advertise in the papers or online, or a combination of these. You can also expect to source them from out of the country for some highly specialize talent.

You will be taught how to select the right candidates by proper interviewing and other assessment methods. During the process, you have to manage clients’ and candidates’ expectations and make sure they are gratefully happy with the service you provide for repeat business.

In principle YES! Successful Recruitment Consultants are unique people with a keen sales flair, strong interpersonal skills and enthusiastically thrive in a dynamic environment because every client and candidate engagement presents its unique challenges.

Your audience are both the client or a candidate. Experienced Consultants are expected to win new business and build client relationships so a natural sales instinct and client management processes is important. This is NOT a HR job. There is a high sales nature orientation involved and if you don’t enjoy sales, it is likely recruitment is not a career you will enjoy.

Recruitment is a highly rewarding “people” business and most successful Consultants approach their work with positive energy and happy enthusiasm.

You are someone who enjoys interacting with various people and find genuine job satisfaction in helping individuals shape and achieve their career aspirations.

You should be prepared for success and remember that rejection is also part of the job too with a proactive and positive attitude.

This is an example of a Recruitment person profile:

  • An engaging sociable person with a big curious mind to constantly learn about people behavior and motivation
  • Commercially savvy business acumen – we like evidence of an active brain, not just an education
  • Strong work ethic, reliable and trustworthy person in your word and actions

There are really three routes to choose from which can also overlap.

One is management, where you lead a team of recruiters specialising in a discipline like Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance or Engineering recruitment. This includes leading in business development activities and being responsible for your team’s revenues and performance targets.

A second career option is that you will recruit at increasingly senior level as you get more experienced and end up placing leadership management candidates. main Board Directors.

A third option is to work as an internal recruiter at a large company and this can lead to roles as Head of Talent or Head of Resourcing.

Do remember, if you are making a fresh change into recruitment and realize this career does not fit your long term career goal then it is perfectly natural you fall back to your root profession previously.

Basic salaries at entry level vary from RM2,000 to RM4,000 a month depending on your previous business experience and the environment. There is a commission incentive scheme paid every quarter. As a general guide of the incentive structure, you should approximately earn a quarter to a third of the total revenue you successfully close.

Part of the pleasure of the job is that the harder and smarter you work, the more you earn. You will get plenty of training and support but the effort is down to YOU.

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