Executive Search

We offer permanent placement of middle to senior ranking candidates in specialised functions in areas of Technology, Human Resource, Accountancy & Finance, Engineering, Sales and Marketing.

Flexi On-site Recruitment Solution

Whether you are a startup or an established company, finding and attracting the best talent is always a challenge. We provide on-site talent recruitment service to you for a flexible period of time. Our skilled consultants work closely with you in an end-to-end recruitment process.

This solution is cost-effective, at approximately 50% of a traditional contingent search fee.

Workforce Readiness

We prepare candidates for the workplace by guiding them in aspects of work prioritisation, leadership qualities, workplace management and effective time management.

Talent Assessment

We offer online talent assessment tools that help companies match the candidates’ personal fit to a specific job. The talent assessment tools can be used for both recruitment and talent development.

Career Coaching

We assist aspiring candidates by arranging personal coaching sessions with successful senior managers in their respective fields of profession. Candidates receive honest advice and valuable career guidance to point them in the right direction when planning for success!