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    Raeveinassh Selvakumar


Rae enjoys solving problems that lead to positive changes. During his university days, he helps by understanding people and providing helpful solutions for them, be it technical or non-technical issues.

He enjoys building relationships and this trait has led him to participate in various curricular activities where he was able to interact with many social groups from different cultures and backgrounds.

While looking for a job related to problem-solving and building relationships, Rae decided to try out as an IT Recruiter after receiving a call from Andra. At Pentagonplus, he uses his Computer Science background to understand the requirements of the hiring managers for technology positions to find suitable candidates for his clients.

Rae believes in equality and that everyone deserves equal opportunities to pursue their dream career.

In his free time, Rae enjoys working out, listening to music, and reading finance-related books. Aside from that, Rae is a numismatist who enjoys collecting coins and fiat money from different parts of the world.

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