“You CAN’T choose your Parents! But you CAN choose your Boss, your Employer and your Career Path”

February 5, 2020 Recruiter Insights Article Written By: Vincent Wong, Director

Prepared By Vincent (Director, PentagonPlus Malaysia)


    • You’re one decision from a totally different life

    • Choose wisely

    • Life is a journey, chose your path wisely

    • Some people reach the top of the ladder only to find it is leaning against the wrong wall.

It makes a lot of common sense to choose wisely.

A simple way to begin this process is to use a career decision wheel and jot down your initial thoughts. Find a mentor, career coach or speak to a recruitment consultant who can provide some advice and helpful feedback.



It’s a process and a journey, keep discovering and learning about your dream job. It’s about What you’re GOOD AT, What you LOVE and What Pays Well. That’s a wonderful winning formula!



As a recruiter speaking daily to job seekers for more than 20 years, stop seeking perfection to find your ideal dream career. Or you could be overly excited to quickly accept the first job offer.

Still, there are other job seekers with two to three job offers at hand, it can be a highly stressful experience.

I recall an incident where I had enthusiastically communicated an attractive job offer to a HR Country Manager. It was a big decision and the candidate requested for time to think through the job offer. After three days, we spoke again and her first words were, “Vincent, I feel stuck. I’m unable to think, focus on my work and not sleeping well”.


It’s best not to make an important decision when you are stressed, tired or distracted because you won’t be able to think clearly and logically. The candidate took one 1-day leave from work to get a good rest, gather useful facts, sought good advice, and made an unhurried good decision.

Identify your most valued and important job criteria. List them down on a paper, it helps to be able to visually see them written down. Examples of your valued job criteria can include:

  • Financial Rewards
  • Work Culture & People
  • Career Growth Opportunity
  • Training and Development
  • Location and Distance from home to office
  • Lifestyle

A helpful tool is a Decision Matrix. It’s easy to draw up a table and effectively helps you to evaluate your options.

Take time to reflect and ask yourself about what you value most in your job. The clearer you are about your job criteria, the easier it is to make a wise decision.

Be sure to know your non-negotiable and high-value job criteria.

Never Get So Busy Making a Living, That Your Forget to Make a Life so it’s well worth it to choose your boss, chose your employer, and chose your career wisely.

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