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    Recine Wan Jasmine


From a young age,  I have been interested in working with people and making a difference. Aside from being a psychology graduate, I was a mental health advocate, a special needs child care worker  and a primary educator. I found peace in every role I took on, knowing I was working towards making a difference every day.

When I was studying in the UK helping in the student union, I felt empowered and encouraged being able to help and listen to students from all walks of life.

I welcome 2022 with a leap of faith outside my comfort zone into the world of recruitment.  It was a scary step but an amazing experience meeting so many different people.  It’s safe to say, no two days have ever been alike.

Outside of work, I am re-learning programming languages for game development.  I also enjoy running and participating in charity events. Once I shaved my hair and successfully raised RM2,000 in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness, all for a good cause.  At home, I am a crystal collector, a video gamer and a poet writer.