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    Koh Kar Mim

    Career Consultant

Kar Mim graduated with a First class honours Degree in Marketing with Psychology.

One enjoyable experience being a recruiter is the opportunity to connect with many different job seekers to understand their career journey and build meaningful relationships.

Kar Mim believes that networking is like a gardening process; starting from planting a seed, watering it, exposing it to sunlight to let it grow from a tiny seed to a huge tree with deep roots for many years of fruitful growth.

Kar Mim was an active girl guide and at the young age of seventeen received the Queen’s Guide Award from KDYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong.

This experience further encouraged her to learn more about the unique makeup of each person and help them grow further. She chose this career in recruitment because it’s a wonderful way for her to meet different people and help them unleash their potential by introducing them to exciting marketplace job opportunities.

In her free time, Kar Min enjoys reading life improvement books, listening to podcasts and most of all spending time with her 3 adorable dogs.